Future Preservation

History of Moore

A committee has been formed to develop plans for an actual history museum and possibly a historical walking trail.  Below are some concepts currently under consideration:

Train Station1.  Return Moore's Train Depot to Old Town

Moore's original train depot is currently being used as an office on Shields Blvd.  Some discussion has involved purchasing the building and relocating it to its original spot in Old Town Moore near Main Street and the railroad tracks.  The building would then be converted into a museum.

2.  Build a Replica of Moore's Train Depot

An alternate plan would call for the construction of a new building at Main Street and the railroad tracks that looks similar to the original depot.  This option might be less expensive and provide a more modern building to work with.  This approach would also call for using the building as a history museum and possibly a small event center.

Trail3.  Create a History Walking Trail in Old Town

This proposal calls for a walking trail following the railroad tracks from SE 4th St. to NE 2nd St.  The center-point of the trail would be the Moore train depot at Main St.  The trail would feature several points of interest potentially including an original homestead cabin from Moore, a one room schoolhouse from the area, an old railroad car with "Moore's Stop" painted on it and other historical artifacts.  Each item would have information posted about the building/object, creating a historical walking trail running the distance of Old Town Moore.  The City of Moore is currently in discussions with BNSF regarding the feasibility of this project.

If you have ideas for a physical museum to house Moore's history, feel free to comment on this website.  It is the committees vision that Moore's hiSTORY will always be told.