Moore History

History of Moore

Downtown Moore circa late 1800's

The first photo shows Moore in 1893, taken from the west side of Broadway looking east toward the railroad tracks.  The water well in the center is at the intersection of Main and Broadway.  The two story building on the left was Moore's first bank, later to become the first Dreessen general store.

The second photo was taken in 1899 and is looking west down Main Street from the railroad tracks.  This is the photo in its original form.

The thrid photo is the same as the second, but edited to remove the tear.

The fourth picture appears to have been taken near the same time as the second picture, but on a different day.  The buildings are exactly the same, but there is an American flag in the fourth picture but not in the second.

The fifth picture is a closer shot of the Bank of Moore.

The sixth picture is an additional building in the downtown area, presumably in the late 1800's.

The seventh picture was taken in 1905.  You can see where improvements have been made to the water well (compared with the 1893 photo), including a windmill and storage barrell.